Guided meditations

Our Lady Hekate by Mima and Paul features four long play guided meditations from the Goddess Hekate. Each of the four meditations is an invitation to join Hekate in healing, empowring and profoundly gentle inner journeys that will inspire, bring peace, illuminate and heal.




Try our collection of guided meditation albums featuring beautifully written and narrated healing meditations from talented healers and spiritual teachers Mima Cornish and Lubna Yaqub featuring peaceful relaxing music from Paul.  Available to download direct from us or on iTunes, Google play and Amazon mp3. Our Lady Hekate is also available on cd. Listen and watch below


Light of the Pleiades is a series of 7 guided meditations developed by Paul and Lubna Yaqub. Each meditation delivers the stellar energy of each star of the Pleiades constellation as related to the 7 chakras and 7 tales from the Goddess who weaves the stories together in cosmic journey of healing, discovery and inspirartion.


Our Lady Hekate - Mima Cornish

Light of the Pleiades - Lubna Yaqub

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Guided meditation Our Lady Hecate

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