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Paul's New Age Music is perfect for meditation and yoga. Peaceful and soothing multi layered and atmospheric musical landscapes with some albums featuring gentle and realistic nature sounds that envelop the listener in a calming and serene audio experience. Paul's meditation music is played intuitively and spontaneously lending a flow and a spirit to the sounds and gentle movement of each album.

New Age Music Garden

New Age Music garden

Ideal peaceful music for spa as an accompaniment to healing therapies such as reiki, massage, reflexology and aromatherapy and other holistic therapies. Peaceful, relaxing music to soothe and calm.

Here at the New Age Music Garden we make responsibilty towards our environment the highest priority.  We have sourced the best environmentally friendly packaging for all our compact discs, packaging and office materials. The cd cases are made from 100% recycled FSC approved materials with vegetable based inks. They are delivered to you in eco friendly packaging.



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"Sanctuary"......peaceful, floaty, your soul is held by every note......Beautiful is all I can say about your music. "

JP Yonelunas - Reverbnation


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